How to earn from internet ?

Your Needs To Run An Internet Business Online:

There are thousands of people every year that leave the corporate world and decide to run an internet business online. Shocking but true. This can be a great way to gain personal and financial freedom. But just because there are a lot of people that are successful doing this, it does not mean that it is an easy process.

Running an internet business online takes a lot of hard work and determination. Unless you are one of the lucky ones that really hit it big, you will have to work day and night to make your internet based business a success.

1. Besides the will to succeed, the most important thing that you will need in order to run an internet business online is a quality computer. Remember, everything that you do involving your business will have to be done with your computer. To get on the internet you will need your computer. The same goes with filling orders, tracking orders, spy ware, virus ware and invoicing. Without a top quality, reliable computer, you will never be able to run a successful internet business.

2.In addition to your computer, you will also need to have a website that you are promoting to get your internet business known online. Sure, you can use more traditional forms of marketing such as direct mailers and ads, but by having a website you will be increasing your chances of success.

With a website, customers will be able to quickly learn about your site, and if they are interested they can also place orders right away. There are companies that are successful without having a website, but in order to run an internet business online you will need to have one. There knows two ways about it.

3. When you decide to run an internet business online, you do not get the right to work without a business plan! Many people think that just because their new business is going to be primarily internet based that they do not need a business and marketing plan. Even though you may be able to sneak by without having these, you will not be able to expand successfully. By having a business and marketing plan in effect, you will know the direction that you want to grow your business. At the same time, you will also need to have plans on how you are going to go about marketing your new venture.

Starting an internet business online does not have to be a difficult task. Every year people take on this task, and every year there are people that turn their business into a success. If you are organized from the beginning, and know exactly what you want, you should not have any problems getting started. There is nothing holding you back, get started today!


How to build your skills online Work’S

7 Ways to Build Your Skills Online Work



InShare Can you improve your freelance skills without leaving home? Definitely!

There are plenty of web-based opportunities for a solo professional to build in-demand skills. Some of the most marketable skills on oDesk,Free lancer,Lancer Etc. can be self-taught online, including SEO, PHP , Joomla, html,CSS, Etc. for web development, iPhone app creation, programming languages like C++  or .NET, WordPress for blogs, or English proficiency.

But where do you go to find all this great information? Here are seven ways you can learn, build and sharpen your skills on the web.

1. Enroll in online courses (free or paid)

There are plenty of online courses that can help you hone your skills and learn new strategies to improve them. These courses usually include ebooks, webinars, checklists and activity sheets packed into one package. They are often either given away for free or are included with a membership fee; the best courses may be expensive, but the investment is worth it. Some sites to check out include:

  • (subscription based) – a popular site that offers training in a wide range of topics, including specific computer programs.
  • MIT Open Courseware (free) – generally offering more in-depth programs, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has made many of their courses available in digital form. Available materials vary from course to course.
  • W3 Schools (free) – if you want to learn more about web development, or just figure out how to format your blog posts, this site offers a variety of tutorials and quick-reference information.

2. Develop lasting relationships with your “mentor

After taking an online course, you  may have had an opportunity to establish one-on-one correspondence with the mentor or the industry expert who hosted the course. This can be a valuable opportunity to build a lasting relationship – a connection with a mentor you trust, who knows what he or she is talking about, and who may be willing to help you become a better freelancer every step of the way.

3. Assign and build your own projects

Practice makes perfect, so exercise your new skills regularly with personal projects. If you are a writer, set up a blog or write an ebook. If you are a designer, create logos, themes, and other products that showcase your skills and aesthetics. These projects will successfully display your abilities and what you can offer to prospective clients.

4. Check websites and blogs for tips, exercises, and other advice

There are plenty of websites that share tips, strategies, and neat tricks that can enhance your skills significantly. Writers, for example, can turn to Copyblogger for copywriting and web content tips, the International Freelancers Academy for freelancing strategies, and Daily Writing Tips for articles on grammar, lists of synonyms of common words, and quizzes.

5. Look for podcasts, webinars, video blogs

Building your skills online is not limited to reading and testing what youhave read. In fact, some of the best tips and strategies online are not laid out in written form; you can find a lot of valuable content in the form of podcasts, webinars and video blogs by industry experts in your field.

6. Find inspiration – and learn from it

Who are the leaders in your field, and what is their approach to their work? Most industries host award programs that highlight the best of the best; some organizations even sell publications that contain these award-winning projects for reference. Niche publications often include detailed case studies and interviews with experts about issues that are likely relevant to your work. Take time to study these examples and consider how to use the same principles in your own work.

7. Learn from fellow freelancers and online communities

Why work on your skills alone when you can learn and share strategies with fellow freelancers? There are hundreds of online communities that you can join and learn from, with both new and seasoned freelancers helping each other out. LinkedIn groups, forums, Facebook groups, and niche websites are some of the best places to connect to these resources.

Professional development is crucial if you hope to become an in-demand professional and industry expert. But keep in mind that the fruit of all your labor comes from actually putting these skills, strategies, tips and ideas into action. Release those personal projects, take those online courses, and join a learning community – each step forward is a step towards your success.

Stephanie Gonzaga is a freelancer on oDesk who specializes in writing top-notch web content, such as product descriptions, website copy, articles, and blog posts for clients all over the globe. During her free time, she writes on her blog The Freelance Pinoy, a site dedicated to providing Filipino freelancers with tips, advice, and strategies to help them reach freelancing success.


I think it’s also worth noting that you can make your own portfolio and publish it. Say if you are developer or a designer, create your own designs and publish it somewhere.
For start up writers you can enroll in publishing networks like hubpages and factoidz to name a few. From this you can build your own reputation.Just sharing.


D.J.Rony says:

I think inspiration is the ultimate thing of learning. In my place I see people are getting interested after they saw me. But it was a great test for me to work when I was just stating to learn. Even mt family member deprived me of learning these things.

No matter where are you standing now. Get all your inspiration and anger to be devoted for your work.

How to earn from internet ?

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