How to Create a Website Using ?

General Settings

If you’d like to change your site’s privacy settings, you can do that next from Settings > Privacy.

Once you’ve saved the changes to your settings, feel free to spend some more time getting acquainted with the dashboard menus. You can’t break anything, and if you make any mistakes, we can help.

If you’d like to move content from an old blog to your new blog, it’s easy, even if the old one isn’t on

Choose Your Topic

Now that you’re familiar with the dashboard, it’s time to start thinking about the type of content you want to create. Even if you’ve been blogging regularly for years, this is a good opportunity to revisit and refine your site’s focus.

There are many different types of blogs on, but you’ll notice that many of the most successful blogs, like the ones featured on Freshly Pressed, have a clearly defined theme, and are written for a specific audience. If you’re interested in attracting other readers to your site, it’s a good idea to do the same.

So what’s your focus going to be?

Here are four questions to help you narrow it down:

1. What’s your goal?

To document your travels? To share your passion? To inform? To entertain?

2. What topics are you most interested in?

Travel? Technology? Pop culture? Politics?

3. What’s your perspective?

Are you a movie critic? A clothing designer? A pastry chef?

4. Who’s your target audience?

Film buffs? Fashionistas? Foodies?

If you like, use your answers to the above questions to write up a mission statement to help guide you as you plan for future posts.

Still not quite sure about what your blog’s focus should be? Try the exercises below to get your creative juices flowing:

First up, grab a pen and paper and set a timer for sixty seconds. Draw a stick figure in the center. That’s you. Now prepare to start the countdown and scribble down anything (really, anything) that comes to mind when you think of reasons why you’d like to have a blog. Ready? Go!

How did it go? Chances are you’ve unearthed a few broad ideas about what you might like to do with your blog. So now we’re going to drill down a little.

Next up, on a fresh page, draw a new mini-me in the center. Reset the timer to 60 seconds, and prepare to jot down the things that you’re passionate about. Consider your obsessions, the things that get you out of bed in the morning, the things that keep you awake at night, and the websites, TV shows, magazines, or blogs you find yourself gravitating to time and time again. Start the timer and off you go!

Now you’re on fire. Hopefully it was hard for you to stop after the sixty seconds was up. That’s a good thing.

On a third page, draw another mini-me. This time you get 120 seconds. Treasure them, because this will be much harder.

The aim of the game is to take the words from your first page or napkin (you can cross them off as you transfer them if you like), and move them over to the new page or napkin. Then you’ll take the words from your second napkin and place them strategically around the first set. So you might have “family news bulletin” as a reason to blog, and “photography,” “eating out” and “travel” surrounding that word. Ditto for all of the remaining words, until they’re all gone.

If all of that sounds confusing, here’s an example, fusing the results from the two pages above:

Make sense? OK, your 120 seconds starts…now!


Excellent. Now you have the blueprint for several blogs. All you need to do now is decide which one you’d most like to work on. It’s quite possible that you’ll be able to combine several of these together, but don’t feel pressured to do so – you can have as many blogs as you’d like.

If you’re struggling to choose a blog topic, ask yourself a few questions about the information you have in front of you:

  • Of all of the blog ideas I came up with, which one am I most likely to be able to create content about for a week, a month, or a year?
  • Which group of words feels closest to my original reason for checking out in the first place?
  • Do I already have a reputation among friends, family or colleagues for expertise in one of these broad areas? Do people often praise my knowledge, passion, or skill in (insert topic)?
  • What would my first three posts be about? Am I passionate enough about the topic to want to start writing right now?

Don’t worry if you’re still a bit unsure about your blog’s specific focus — there’ll be plenty of time to figure it out as you go along.


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