How to Set Up an eCommerce Website ?

How to Set Up an eCommerce Website ? Now at first know” What is electronic commerce?” Commonly known as e-commerce, ecommerce, eCommerce or e-comm, refers to the buying and selling of products or services over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks. However, the term may refer to more than just buying and selling products online. It also includes the entire online process of developing, marketing, selling, delivering, servicing and paying for products and services. If you want to start your own eCommerce website and don’t know where to start, WordPress (once again) can be your savior. Besides WordPress is easy to set-up and customize, it also enables interactivity through comments. It also automatically ping the search engines, in-built RSS feed so that your visitors can easily subscribe to your website. Most importantly WordPress has a large online community technical support. Check out below our step-by-step procedure on how to set up an eCommerce website… Install WordPress software:- First and foremost, you will have to install the WordPress software. Log in to cPanel of your system and click on set up. Choose your theme template:- There are numerous Google FREE themes available for WordPress. You can simply download it. Add eCommerce plugins:- Download Google WordPress eCommerce plugins and install the files to activate plugins. You should see the links on the sidebar such as transaction results, product details, checkout, your account etc. Now you can add your products to your website. You can add as many as you want but before adding the details or information about your products, first, set certain parameters like payment options, countries, etc. In this you’ll know how far can your products go and what are your prefer payment methods would be. Lastly, SEO:- It’s is recommended that you install an All-in-One SEO pack to make your website search engine friendly. This tool will optimize the title and description Meta tags so that Google will be able to see and crawl your web pages. If you do ! Next, you have set up your soon to be e-business, it is time for you to promote it. You can use the following for the same: Article Marketing, Newsletter, Blogging, Social Media Marketing, RSS Directories and RSS Directories- etc.


How to setting video in wordpress site ?

 How to setting video in wordpress site ? 

Default Video Settings:

Default Embed Width: Default Embed Height: Default Embed Styles:

Embed Description:

Embed Description Link: Description Styles: What Is Your Name?

Thank You For Your Support:


This Plugin supports a few different Video Types, Including (but not limited to) M4V, Quicktime, SWF, and Youtube. It works as an embedder, so basically any site that provides an Embed Code will work. Below, I will provide information on how to properly use the embed links, using YouTube

Set Up & Use

The Set-Up Is quite Simple Actually. Once the plugin is installed it is ready to go. You can set a default width and height above if you often upload videos of simmilar size. All you have to do after that is input this shortcode into the content area of your posts or pages:

[embedwidth src=”Insert Video Link Here“]

And This is what It will look like with a file actually hosted on your server, such as an m4v.

[embedwidth src=””%5D

Setting Custom Embed Width/Height In Posts & Pages

Now, say that you do not often times upload videos of simmilar size, or just want to change the width and height of a certian video. That can be done by just adding some extra commands into the short code. The width an height you write in the shortcode automatically over-ride the default settings, but if nothing is in the boxes above then it will not know what size to make it unless you specify it in the shortcode. A shortcode with custom Width and Height would look like this:

[embedwidth width=”100″ height=”100″ src=”Insert Video Link Here“]

Obviously, you can change the width and height I have specified above to whatever numbers you would like. You don’t have to add “px” after your number, you can leave the value as a plain integer.

Setting Default & Custom Embed Styles

This Part is pretty self explanitory if you’ve read anything above this, but I will explain it for you just in case you havent.

If you want to add default styles above, just make sure that you type them without quotation marks.

An Example would be: float:right; border:1px solid #fff;

You can use unlimited styling in this box. But say you wanted one of your videos to have it’s own seperate styling. You can override already set styling by adding a simple style=”Styles here” to your shortcode. That would look like this:

[embedwidth style=”float:right; border:1px solid #fff;” src=””%5D

Obviously, you can still put in the “width” and “height” tags along with the “style” tag inside of your shortcode. Setting width and height using the “style” tag instead of the width/height tags will not work.

And Last but Not Least, you can add custom styles to the videos using your own stylesheet if you would like, the div that holds all of your embeds has a class around it. The class is embedwidthstyles, so you may add that to your own stylesheet if you want to add a background image or something more advanced to your video, or possibly create a frame.

Default Description/Description Link

The description will be placed below the video by default, and at this time there is no support for changing where the discription displays in a setting. If you want to change that, you will have to edit this plugin. However, there is a custom styles setting above and instructions on how to use it below. This Part is also pretty self explanitory if you’ve read anything above this, but I will explain it for you just in case you havent.

If you want to add a default Description that links to something, it is actually quite simple. In the “Embed Description” box above, just write your default description. If you want it to link to something, put a link (without quotation marks) into the “Embed Description Link” box and it will automatically make the Description you provided clickable.

If You would like to change the description link for a specific video, in it’s shortcode in the content area, you must write these commands, which will override the default settings in the Embed-Width menu.

Your Shortcode Should Look Like This: [embedwidth desc=”Here is My Description” desclink=”” src=”Video Embed Link Here”]

Obviously, if you do not add these tags to the shortcode the defaults will automatically show up. If there are no defaults, nothing will show up at all.

Default Description Styles

The “Description Styles” box works the exact same way as the “Default Embed Styles” box. You just write in styles and it automatically inserts them. It works wether or not there is a description link, because the href is inside of the Description Style div. You can add margins or padding, colors, boldness, etc all in that box as long as you know how to write the code. Refer to above for how to properly write the code in this box, because there are a couple peramaters for how it needs to work.

You may also set a custom description style within the shortcode if you need a certain style for a specific video. You can do this by doing [embedwidth descstyles=”color:red;” src=”Your Link Here”]

Again, these styles will ovveride the styles being sent by your defaults set in the Options above.

YouTube & Other Outside Sources

If you want to embed a video from a website (such as youtube) that offers an embed link, you may do so by copying the EMBED LINK, not the actual page URL, and pasting it in the src=” ” part of your short-code. I repeat, using the actual URL of the page is not (yet) supported for this plugin, and so it will not work unless you are using an embed link.

If you are getting it from youtube, they give you a bit of code, and I will paste and example and highlight in red what part you will need to copy

And It will End Up Like this:

[embedwidth src=””%5D

Do NOT have more than one quote on either side of the link, or else it will not display correctly.

How to Building a Successful Home Based Business ?

To Building a Successful Home Based Business in 4 EASY steps :

I am sure you have seen the multitude of offers all across the internet claiming to make you rich in an instant. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but none of these offers are legitimate. When you are looking for a profitable home base business, you should know that it would take a great deal of time, hard work, perseverance, and dedication in order to make it work. Successful online home businesses are extremely possible and occur every single day, this should leave you with the push you need. When you have successfully created a home internet business, you will find the profit pouring in, and you will have the ability to work directly from your home on a full-time basis.

There are so many opportunities to creating a online home business, that it is impossible for me to tell you all of them. Furthermore, I cannot and will not tell you what online home business is for you. That is a determination that you need to make on your own. I will, however, tell you what is needed to make a home internet business successful.

  1. Dedicate your time and effort into your home based business

This is the top priority to any person wishing to operate a successful home based business. When you have taken the time and effort to create your business, it should come first before any other opportunities you may have financially. Should you quick your full-time job, to run your online home business? Absolutely not, not until your home business has become successful and is providing you with the income you need to survive. You should, however, have the ability to separate your full-time job from your online home business and keep both free from stresses and distractions.

To make a successful home based business, it is important that you incorporate all of your free time to the business and its advancement. It is suggested that on a daily basis you make a new contact or create a new idea. Even though you cannot devote yourself full-time to your home internet business, you should try to create one new contact each day. See Next Blog…

How to earn from internet ?

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