How Create a Website to Using ?

Personalize Your Site’s Appearance

Now that you’ve given some thought to your blog’s focus, it’s time to establish a unique personal design for your blog to help you stand out and command attention in the blogosphere.

Find the right theme for your Site

Much like every magazine has its own unique layout and design, so do blogs. The theme you choose will determine your blog’s colors, fonts, header design, and number of columns. There are over 120 attractive themes to choose from, and we’re always adding more.

Remember to keep your blog’s look and feel consistent with your Big Idea. This will help visitors to quickly determine if they’ve found what they’re looking for. It may be tempting to choose a theme just because you like the aesthetics, but don’t forget about functionality. Also keep in mind that you can spice up your blog with photos and other media later. For now, focus on finding the theme that best suits your Big Idea.

Let’s say you have a photo blog. In that case, you might decide to choose a theme that gives you a large single column that allows your images to take center stage on your site. With a single-column theme, the menus that let people navigate around your site often sit at the top or bottom of the page, freeing up as much space as possible for your content.

On the other hand, maybe you want to include photographs on your blog, but you also plan to post lots of written content, too. In that case, you might opt for a two-column theme that has the option to display custom  header images and featured posts, such as Twenty Eleven:

When choosing your theme, you should also consider what kind of tone you want to set for your blog. If your blog is business-related, you’ll probably want something minimal and professional-looking, like Coraline. But if you’re looking for something more playful, perhaps for a blog about crafts, a theme like Liquorice might be a better fit.

Keep in mind that you can change your theme any time, so don’t worry if you’re unsure about your choice right now.When you find a theme you like, activate it directly from the Theme Showcase by selecting a theme and clicking the activate button on the top right corner of the page:

If you prefer to preview themes before activating them, you can do so from the Appearance > Themes area of your dashboard:

Want to make your site  unique to you?

Get a custom domain name (such as instead of with the Domain Mapping upgrade, and incorporate custom fonts and CSS on your site with the Custom Design upgrade.

Please note that custom themes are only for privately-hosted sites using the software. They cannot be uploaded to

Enhance your site with widgets

You can add all kinds of extra features and content to the side of your blog’s main column (we call this spot the “sidebar”), and widgets make that really easy. They’re little one-shot applications that add specific, bite-sized pieces of content that might interest your readers, like your latest Twitter updates, a list of your blog’s recent posts or comments, or links to your latest photos on Flickr.

Here’s what a blog with the Recent Posts, Twitter, Text, Blog Subscription, and Archives widgets .
To activate a widget, go to Appearance > Widgets in your dashboard. Drag the desired widget over to the Sidebar module on the right. Be sure to hit save and close when you’re done editing a widget’s settings.

To see the full list of widgets and how to use them, check out Widgets and Sidebars in Support section.

Please note that plugins are only applicable to privately-hosted sites using the software. Plugins are not permitted on for various security reasons.

Additional Resources

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